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Friday, October 1, 2010

Confused Much??

Have you ever felt so confused that you decide you rather just stop thinking altogether? College does this to me just about every day. Since I was 16years old, I've had a life plan. And in the last month that plan has literally dissolved before my eyes. I've always planned on becoming a social worker, it was just what I thought I was born to do. But in August I flew down to Arizona and everything changed. I had a talk with my Aunt Migaela and left Arizona with a new desire to become a nurse. So I switched my classes to start my Prerequisites for the rigorous program.

And then the confusion just kept getting worse. I got a list of opportunities for internships and everything seemed to be spinning away from my "set in stone" plan. I might leave for internships, becoming a nun (hehe), and now I once again have no idea what to major in! Nursing seems great, except I don't know that I can take it. When I got some blood tests last week, I got seriously queasy looking at the blood and needles. I don't know about you, but that seems like a serious flaw for someone who would be surrounded by that everyday!

Moral of the Story... I'm Lost.
Any Suggestions??